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June 2024

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Photo by Dylan Crabb Questa Graduates 2024

Questa Graduates Step Into Their Next Chapter

Questa High School held its graduation ceremony honoring its graduating class of 2024. Class President Esteban Gomez began the morning’s event with a congratulatory speech for his fellow classmates.
“I think about all the adventures that we’ve had and all the circumstances that we’ve been through… we’ve been through a lot,” said Gomez solemnly. “I’m glad to say we’ve made it together as a team… I always remember the last day as the best day—the last bell ringing, all of us running to the door, and then that one feeling knowing that you’re all gonna see each other at the same time next year. That’s all gonna end now. Just know that that end is the start of a new chapter.”

Valedictorian Nathaniel Rael and salutatorian Ricardo Sanchez also approached the podium to provide passionate send-offs to their classmates.

“For years we’ve walked these halls together, shared laughter, tears, and memories, and now as we prepare to start our own individual journeys there’s a sense of both fear and excitement through it all,” said Sanchez. “There will be moments of doubt and setbacks and obstacles to overcome but, just as Kobe Bryant never backed down from a challenge, I refuse to let fear hold me back.”

“The beginning of our lives, it starts today,” said Rael. “Each of us will have a different path. That road may not be easy to reach and there will be dark times, but I want you to remember we went through a pandemic, experienced hybrid learning… that was a very dark time for us, but we made it.”

New Mexico’s Lieutenant Governor Howie Morales traveled to Questa to make an appearance at the graduation event and addressed the audience after the class president, valedictorian, and salutatorian.
“There is something special about Questa,” said the Lieutenant Governor. “We’re here to celebrate each one of you… I travel all across the country to share what we’re doing in New Mexico when it comes to early childhood education and what we’re trying to do to ensure that we have groundbreaking opportunities for all of our students, and I would put all our students across the state of New Mexico against any student across this country… Never forget where you’re from and always be proud to know that you come from Questa, New Mexico, home of a community that takes care of their own.”

A recording of the celebration event can be found at the Questa del Rio News’ Facebook page.

Questa High School Senior Night