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May 2024

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Questa schools make decision on 2023/2024 school calendar

Questa schools solicited surveys, held public forums, and invited people to voice their opinions at school board meetings on the upcoming 2023/2024 school calendar decision. Only approximately 30 people showed up to the March 1 forum when the options for the new calendar were discussed.

A decision on the upcoming school year calendar was made on Wednesday, March 22 school board meeting. Option A was approved by the school board, with two dissenting votes by board members Kelly Romero and Juan Cisneros.

Option A will allow the school to remain on a 4-day school schedule while also giving students a fall, winter, spring, and summer break. The change would mean that the first day of school will be on July 31, 2023 and the last day of school will be on June 4, 2024.

The decision drew ire from students and parents taking to our social media page, saying they didn’t want a year-round schedule. It’s important to note that this new school calendar is not year-round and students will still have breaks, it just changes the timing of when the school year starts and ends.

It’s important to note this calendar change is not permanent as the school calendar is voted on annually, therefore if the school board feels it isn’t a good fit for the students, parents, and teachers alike, a change could happen down the road.