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February 2024

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Photo by E. Wilde St Anthony's Church in Questa

Raffle Fundraising Results for St. Anthony’s Rectory

The St. Anthony’s Fundraising Committee is grateful for all who supported the fundraiser for the church rectory. The goal for the fundraiser was $5,000 and with the generosity of the community, $7,000 was raised. The winners were announced at the Fiestas de San Antonio de Rio Colorado on Saturday, June 17.

• Hope Chest donated by Deacon Marcus Rael.
Winner: Jonathan Ortega

• Picture of St. Anthony Church with a homemade frame donated by Joseph Garcia.
Winner: Kari Martinez

• Homemade quilt donated by Cordie Quintana.
Winner: Yolanda Acosta

• Pyrography donated by Christy Arguello.
Winner: LeShea Trujillo

• Cedar Bowl donated by Dale Quintana.
Winner: Andres Payne

• Framed Ed Sandoval Print donated by the Parish.
Winner: Tiner Gonzales

• Fleece blanket with cross donated by Elizabeth Roberts.
Winner: Berna Trujillo

• Shadow box with Rosary donated by Joseph Rael.
Winner: Lucy Rael

• Coral Necklace donated by Irma Cisneros.
Winner: Mark Montoya

• 4 ft. Teddy Bear and friend donated by Deidre Montoya.
Winner: Jose D. Quintana

• Nambe Piece donated by Louise Gallegos.
Winner: Chad Housler

• Painted Cross donated by Robert & Michelle Gonzales.
Winner: Josh Duran

• Painted Cross donated by Robert & Michelle Gonzales.
Winner: Jaime Mares

• Painted Cross donated by Robert & Michelle Gonzales.
Winner: Joyce Quintana

• 1 cord of green pinon wood (unsplit) donated by Scott Buchanan.
Winner: Anthony Trujillo

• 1 set of pewter colonial pieces (collector’s item) donated by Ray & Sally Neal.
Winner: Aubrielle Valerio

• Electronic picture frame donated by Ray & Sally Neal.
Winner: Jean Rael

• Small electric grill donated by Angela Chavez.
Winner: Jerome Romero

• Replica of St. Anthony Church donated by Gloria Romero.
Winner: Martin Maes

• Granny square afghan donated by Elizabeth Huddle.
Winner: Berlinda Trujillo

The committee asks for prayers for the success of the building of the rectory and safety of all the workers.