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February 2024

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Photo courtesy of Gaea McGahee Mountain Mural on the side of Yoga Sala designed by Rae Lewis—mostly painted by Rae and Gaea—and several community members who dropped by!

Recognizing Questa Business Beautification Efforts

Photo courtesy of Gaea McGahee: Mural at Questa Farmers Market designed by Rae Lewis and created with Rae and community painters.

There are quite a few murals throughout our village, and the desire to create more persists, to beautify and brighten our communal spaces. A year ago, our cover story presented the Questa mural project. Plenty of other individual mural efforts have spun off, and we’re happy to report on these new murals, initiated by private land owners and those who commission them. This past year, including the most recent one (see above), two have sprung up at the Questa Farmers Market site, and on the Yoga Sala building.

Are you interested in murals in Questa? Come join the fun—mural painting season is upon us. Contact Lynn Skall at (575) 586-2149; lynn@questaedf.com for more information.