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Red River Brewery & Distillery Recognized Nationally

The Red River Brewery is no stranger to awards and recognition, routinely bringing home impressive wins on their locally-sourced products, unique to Red River.

On May 8, the distillery announced through a press release that their Malette Bros. Gin received a prestigious Double-Gold medal from ‘The Fifty Best’ organization, which conducts its testing with 12 professional judges.

Head Distiller Gavin Whealy proudly states, “This marks the second time our Mallette Bros. Gin has earned a Double-Gold medal from The Fifty Best. We’ve put significant effort into crafting one of the finest gins available anywhere, and I’m thrilled with its consistently high quality.”

The release goes on to say that at the 8750’ elevation of the town, Red River Distillery is the third highest distillery in the world. The lower air pressure and cooler temperatures at this elevation influence the distillation process, leading to spirits that are smoother and have more subtle flavor profiles that can’t be matched by distilleries at lower elevations.

The distillery has made their award-winning products, including the Mallette Bros Gin and other Red River Brewery & Distillery spirits, available in over 280 liquor stores across New Mexico and Texas. Southern Glazer’s (New Mexico) and Green Light Distribution (Texas) handle their distribution.

The brewery established itself in 2018 and proudly identifies itself as a family-owned business with deep roots in this special mountain community.