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June 2024

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Photo by E. Wilde View of the town of Red River from the Red River Recreation Area's Ski Lift in summer

Red River Snags #1 Ski Town Title For Second Year

Red River has been named the best ski town in North America for a second year.

“We are thrilled to be named the Best Ski Town in North America for the second time,” exclaimed Director of the Office of Economic Development and Tourism Max Khudiakov. “This recognition further solidifies Red River’s standing as a premier winter sports destination. Our town offers breathtaking slopes, top-notch amenities, and unparalleled hospitality that ensures visitors have an unforgettable time.”

Mayor Linda Calhoun shared her appreciation for the dedication and hard work of the town’s residents in receiving this prestigious recognition. “Our community takes immense pride in creating an environment that exceeds visitors’ expectations, and being named the best ski town in North America by USA Today reiterates the tremendous efforts made by everyone involved,” stated Mayor Calhoun. “We invite skiers and snowboarders from around the globe to come and experience the magic of Red River and be a part of our special winter traditions.”

In an effort to continue to improve visitor experience, the Red River Ski Area (RRSA) is working on upgrades to its infrastructure. Carson National Forest issued a press release, requesting public comment on their plan to replace the Copper Chairlift. The public comment period was for the month of December, 2023. The RRSA operates on a special use permit from the Carson National Forest, requiring all construction, reconstruction, decommissioning, and improvements to be reviewed for environmental impact to the land.

In RRSA’s proposal, the intent is to replace the Copper Chairlift seating with a 3-seater chairlift, believing this will modernize and improve the experience for winter sports activities and other intensively managed outdoor recreation opportunities for large numbers of national and international visitors. This upgrade would also modernize and improve the consistency with the existing lift network within RRSA.
A timeline for the project upgrade at RRSA has not yet been specified.