Current Issue:
October 2021

Questa  •  Red River  •  Cerro  •  Costilla  •  Amalia  •  Lama  •  San Cristobal

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Photo by Martha Shepp: Visitors to Karen Ahlgren’s Garcia, CO studio expound on the artwork.

Rio Costilla Successful Studio Art Tour

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The Rio Costilla mini-Studio Tour on Saturday, September 18, prevailed, with six exhibiting artists who opened their studios to the public. The day was lovely, the weather perfect, and a good time was had by all. Attendees were diverse, from Denver, Wichita, Kan- sas, Chicago, Minnesota, Wheatridge, Pueblo, CO, Texas, Albuquerque, Taos, Black Lake, and of course local environs, Red River, Costilla, Mesita, Questa, and Amalia. The total count seemed to be between 125 and 150 visitors. In Jaroso, Lynn and Jane Kircher report having around 60 visitors. Everyone followed health orders with masks, and respected the rule of only six persons in either building at a time.


  • Questa Creative Council Board member and artist: I paint the Southwest because I love the land! Being raised in the country, I have a strong tie to it. It’s a sense of deep emotions, of memory, and of history. While I am painting, I try to capture the feeling of the place, what is all around me: the smells, what I hear, and what I see – a complete picture. My abstracts represent “My Other Side.” I play with emotions through color, shapes, and energy to make playful compositions.

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