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June 2024

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Photo by Lou McCall

Snippet: Repurposing Plastic

Friday work party in Questa, with the Repurposing Plastic Project. Volunteers bale up the plastic in black plastic bags for use in construction projects. A new baler makes the compacting of plastic so much easier! Pictured here from left are founders Daniel “RYNO” Hererra and Todd Wynward with Maryam von Briesen, Nate Hale, and Dean Behary, three volunteers from the Lama Foundation. Come join us most Fridays 9:30 am-noon at the old Movies at Home building at 2380 Highway 522 in downtown Questa, across from the Questa Supermarket. Contact Todd at (575) 770-8681 for further information.

Plastic is compacted into huge bricks that are easily stacked as building blocks. That is a lot of plastic that is NOT taken to the landfill!

Photo by Lou McCall