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Spirit Speaking through The Second Wind Endeavor

Music Review

There is a spirit that speaks of balancing the act and laying out truths, a spirit of protest and of love, and that spirit is speaking through the musical group that calls itself The Second Wind Endeavor.

TSWE is a group of talented souls expressing their creative freedom. They are musicians unafraid to blend the musical lines of rock, folk, gypsy, and psychedelia—or even love and politics. This eclectic band creates a colorful ground for their potent lyrics and vibrant message, and when asked: What is that message? the group’s collective answer is “It’s in the music.”

As diverse in lifestyles as they are in influences, drummer and producer Evan Sanchez, violist and vocalist Rose Dragoo, bassist Triston Bion Craig, and guitarist and singer Michael Virga all crossed paths in Taos. Soon they began exploring ways to build on the songs written by Michael, who at the time was a wandering busker on the streets crafting his songs to the ears of strangers. Like a father on the battlefield crying for peace, Michael writes like he’s taking in the suffering of the world and giving it back in the form of a love song. His singing is captivating and versatile and the quieter songs feature a depth to his voice that is most attractive.

The talent and collective creativity of the group merge together a form of music that is familiar, fresh, inventive, and ambitious. Evan’s musical production and precise jazzy drumming, Rose’s melodic string lines and ambient vocals, along with Michael’s soulful guitar work and Triston’s progressive bass lines together create an interesting musical dialog.Moods in their debut record range from bluesy rock to intimate folk, and they create interesting and inventive surprises musically. In some songs you have to get to the end to find the most magical moments. At the end of the song “The Sea Comes For Us All,” TSWE envelops you in a beautiful atmospheric haze.

Another quiet gem in is, “When Brotherhood Dies:”
To bring me the nectar of golden fruit
for I am building the ark of the cumulonimbus
as I become what I am
and hold on to the root
the moon rise will bring a word from the skies
and the song only ends when brotherhood dies.
And, from the song “The Rock That Stands:”
The world is turning against any claim that love does not belong
Well, it lives here and yes, its roots, they have grown strong

Recorded in a home studio in El Rito, the performance, production, and mixing are excellent, with an organic low-fi and a bit vintage sound that works in their favor: it’s not pretentious or inflated. The recordings are laced with inventive overdubs and with a pair of headphones on, it’s all quite nice.

They have made a strong impression with their self-produced debut, and will surely generate respect in the local music scene.

Well, now go on your way—She’ll be waiting with a love song for you.
Learn more about them at thesecondwindendeavour.com. Contact thesecondwindendeavor@gmail.com and listen to them on Spotify, Apple Music, and Youtube.