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July 2024

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St. Anthony’s Church Thanks Supporters In Raffle Fundraiser

The St. Anthony Rectory Money Raffle Fundraiser has come to an end. The fundraising committee would like to thank all who assisted with this fundraiser, whether you sold, bought, or both sold and bought tickets—we thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We did not sell as many tickets as we would have liked, but feel we gave it our best shot!

We were hoping and praying that this would be the last fundraiser we would need to have, to complete the building of St. Anthony Parish Rectory, but we may have to host a few more. If anyone has ideas for some new fundraisers, we would appreciate your suggestions and ideas. Please contact the Parish Office, Deacon Marcus, Cynthia Rael-Vigil or Louise Gallegos.

We would like to once again thank all who so generously donated the additional cash prizes:
Five anonymous donors, Donald & Patricia Gallegos (in memory of Stephanie Francisco), David & Loveida Cisneros, Geraldine Gallegos, Efren Medina & family, Garcia Family (in memory of Chona & Conrad Garcia), Gallegos Family (in memory of Adonario, Petronila, Johnny, Joey & Stephanie)
Now the moment we have all been waiting for! Here are the winners!

$100 Smith’s gift cards
Kevin Baca
Joseph & Ari Serna

$100 winners
Theresa Young
Jonathan Cordova

$150 winner

Knights of Columbus

$200 winners
Priscilla Vigil
Walter Vigil
Sydney Phillips

$250 winners
Frank Gallegos
Martin Santistevan
Leonora Jaramillo
Louise Gallegos

$500 winners
Marty Martinez Jr
Nadine Herrera
Julienne Hadfield
Mark Paludan
Ari & Joe Serna

Grand Prize
Justin Rael

Tickets Sold:
qty 521 at $50 ea 26,050.00
Less grand prize – 5,000.00
Sub Total 21,050.00
donations + 1,050.00
Total 22,100.00

Other Donations:
Total 1,050.00