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May 2024

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Support your County Fire & EMS services

Who do you call when your chimney catches fire? Who do you call when your father breaks his leg falling off the ladder? Who do you call when your grandmother has chest pain? Who do you call when lightning sparks a fire in the trees near to you?

When you call 911 for any of those emergencies — day or night — it is your local fire and EMS department that responds.

But who do firefighters and EMTs call when they need help?

Taos County voters: On Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 8 and during early voting, we are asking for your help.
We are asking for your support for a small (one-quarter of 1 percent or 0.25%) increase in the Gross Receipts Tax to provide much-needed funding for fire and EMS services across the county.
Please help us to continue helping you and your family.

¡Gracias/thank you!