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July 2024

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Taos Housing Partnership Begins Work on Housing Accessibility

The Questa Economic Development Fund (QEDF) is pleased to announce a new collaboration with Taos Housing Partnership (THP). The contractual project will begin with comprehensive study of the workforce housing needs facing the small, historic village. THP’s approach to the initiative will follow a similar process Taos County took on in 2021, culminating in THP’s 3-Year Recommended Housing Roadmap, which was adopted in September of 2023.

Questa conversations started several months ago following the publication of the Housing Roadmap. Local leaders including Mayor John Ortega, Pastor Gayle Martinez, and Community Officer Maria Gonzalez with the LOR Foundation all expressed interest in bringing the work of THP to Questa.

Continued efforts were spearheaded by Lynn Skall, Director of the Questa Economic Development Fund (QEDF), who assisted in securing funding from Chevron Mines to get the project started.

During an initial presentation at the Village of Questa Council meeting on February 6, 2024, Skall noted “it is important that Questa isn’t left out” of the housing conversation. “This housing assessment is essential to figure out what we need. It will be specific. We will have a plan for our community moving forward,” she added during her presentation.

In response to the needs of Questa, THP will focus largely on workforce housing in the area. As noted in a previous economic development report, the 2017 Questa Lodging Project, there is a connection between the lack of affordable workforce housing and the economic stability of the region.

Taos Housing Partnership will facilitate a series of community discussions, conduct individual stakeholder interviews, and review current building and housing ordinances. This information will be compiled into a community-driven housing needs assessment including suggestions for actionable steps to create more affordable workforce housing.

“We are in the start-up moment with a formal launch to take place in mid-March”, noted Lisa O’Brien, Executive Director of THP. “Community engagement and local investment is crucial to create sustainable solutions and funding sources. THP is excited to lead the implementation of this work, while continuing to build out partnerships across all sectors. There is a role for everyone in the community to assist in this effort,” O’Brien added.

For more information about this Questa housing project, contact lynn@questaedf.com or call (575) 586-2149