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February 2024

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The Latest From The LOR Foundation

The LOR Foundation’s new Questa community officer, Maria Gonzalez, has really hit the ground running since starting at the end of last year. In February LOR sponsored the Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) workshop, a training to help community members stay connected about projects they’re working on. It was a great opportunity to network and collaborate. You can always see the latest inspiring community projects (more than 120!) LOR has helped support across the Mountain West at lorfoundation.org/solutions.

Gonzalez also sends out a monthly email with potential funding opportunities and other helpful resources. You can find last month’s list at lorfoundation.org/resources/february-2023-resources. If you want to be added to the email list, feel free to reach out to Gonzalez at maria@lorfoundation.org.
Gonzalez has also been busy meeting with locals to understand what’s important to Questa residents. If you have an idea for something that could help make Questa even better, drop Gonzalez an email or give her a call at 575-665-2001.


Volunteers in Questa Get a Boost from a Community Organizing Workshop
LOR Sponsorship Summary:
Local Champion: Questa Economic Development Fund
Date Funded: March 16, 2022
Grant Amount: $6,700

There’s a lot of energy and enthusiasm for community work in Questa, New Mexico—both from established nonprofit groups as well as more informal volunteers who are interested in giving back. There has also been, at times, a lack of communication and collaboration about projects between these groups, which has occasionally led to a duplication of efforts. The staff at Questa Economic Development Fund came up with one potential solution for addressing this: Host a free, one-day Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) training workshop to guide sustainable community-driven development. Supported by funding from LOR, the ABCD workshop brought together community members, volunteers, and organization leaders to work together to develop short- and long-term community models for future community improvement efforts.