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February 2024

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The Radical Restructuring of Human Civilization

The radical restructuring of human civilization is the central core imperative of our time. Old systems are collapsing because they are causing harm, and new systems are emerging. The new world order is information, it must firmly establish itself in the minds of all if humanity has any chance of surviving the 21st century.

The great transition now upon us is founded on the principle that our current lifestyles are inefficient, unsustainable, wasteful, unnatural, and unnecessary (one might even say insane). The restructured horizon unto which we collectively strive is one imbued with sustainability, intelligent design and management, sharing, caring, compassion and concern for the welfare, safety and security of future generations and all lifeforms.

This means a swift and comprehensive shift away from the antiquated hydrocarbon economy and a transition into a free-energy-based global society founded on emerging zero point and anti-gravitic electrical and propulsion technologies.

For water accessibility, the production and use of decentralized atmospheric air/water condensers can be established in every community. Localized production of organic plant-based food can be established within every town, city, and municipality. With solar greenhouses for food production and atmospheric water condensers for everyone, human survival requirements can easily be met for populations all over the world.

Think farmers markets and the planting of fruit and nut trees for future generations. There will be no food or water shortages anywhere on Earth. In fact, there will be an abundance of these critical resources available for free to any who require it. This is the hallmark of an advanced global civilization.

Population must be radically reduced as quickly as possible; overpopulation is the root cause of most of the environmental threats and social ills of human civilization and survival today. Between 2-3 billion people living green, sustainable lifestyles is the optimal number, which was the population in the mid-1900s. We are currently in classic population overshoot with 8 billion people on Earth. These current numbers cannot and will not be sustained. Zero population growth can be maintained if each couple has two children and no more.

The radical restructuring of human civilization will also require the dismantling and creative deconstruction of the international war machine and the grossly overmilitarized and overfunded surveillance state that accompanies it. Since war is obsolete (and has been since 1945 with the advent of the nuclear age) there is no longer the need for an annual 2-trillion-dollar global war economy. The new threats to nations and planetary civilization today are now primarily environmental: global warming and extreme weather, species extinctions, massive air, water and soil depletion and pollution, deforestation, desertification, overpopulation as well as rapidly growing food, water and mineral shortages caused by desperate human sprawl.

Presently, there are life-disrupting ecosystem collapses occurring all over the world. Yet, this crisis also presents human civilization the opportunity to create a radically restructured global green world order for mankind. Fear must be abandoned and courage embraced.

Editor’s note: Estimated population growth throughout the 21st century, https://ourworldindata.org/future-population-growth