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December 2021

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Tracy Tatro Trujillo Announces Candidacy for New Mexico Secretary of State

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As a proud New Mexico resident, I understand the importance of having an election process that is run with integrity and transparency that will deliver results in a trustworthy and timely manner. Although 2020 produced an environment that was completely unexpected, I feel that the state was ill-prepared to handle an election while maintaining a sense of confidence among many of the state’s voters on all sides of the political arena.

This great state deserves to have a Secretary of State that will run an election that can be 100% transparent to all registered voters and the integrity to ensure that all voters are vetted as being New Mexico residents and duly registered in their respective counties.

I will be happy to answer any questions that you may have and will be releasing my website soon.

Thank you,
Tracy Tatro Trujillo

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