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Photo by Dylan R.N. Crabb; Mayor John Ortega alongside Police Chief Ron Montez and his officers

Village of Questa Introduces New Police Officers

The Village of Questa introduced its new cadre of police officers to the community at a public Meet and Greet in the Village Administration Building in early April. Mayor John Ortega began the announcements with gratitude for the five officers standing beside him as well as expressing pride that he kept his campaign promise to the people, by bringing back a police department to serve the Village of Questa.  

“When I ran for Mayor, one of the priorities I had was bringing back this department,” said Mayor Ortega. “I admit, I wish it had happened sooner but… we got the budget together, it took about four-five months to find a chief and I’m glad that we got the right person for the job.”

Village of Questa Police Chief Ronald Montez then took center stage, introducing himself and fielding questions from the public and media.

Chief Ron Montez started his career with the Taos County Sheriff’s Office then moved onto the New Mexico State Police where he served for nearly fifteen years protecting communities throughout Taos County, particularly in Peñasco.

“It takes a lot to bring a department back,” said Chief Montez. “I want to thank the public, you all [as the Chief gestures toward the audience in the room], for your patience and understanding.”

Beside Chief Montez were four officers which the Chief introduced for the audience.

  • Officer Michael Hurlbert has a background in community and customer service and, according to Chief Montez, “is very personable and a great fit for this community.”
  • Officer Ronnie Cordova has family ties to Questa and has ten years of experience in corrections from the Taos County Adult Detention Center.
  • Officer Travis Wilder has several years of experience as an officer of the Taos Police Department as well as 14 years with the United States Navy; he continues to serve in the Navy Reserves.
  • Officer Sandra Williams has experience as a certified deputy Sheriff from Colorado as well as a parole officer in New Mexico.

Officers Hurlbert and Wilder will complete their training at the Police Academy in Santa Fe which starts in June and lasts for 14 weeks.A recording of the gathering can be viewed at the Questa del Rio News’ Facebook page: