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June 2024

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Village of Questa Praised for Financial Strength

Independent Auditor DeAun Willoughby made a presentation to the Village of Questa Council during the February 27 meeting, by video call. Willoughby expressed praise for the village’s strong financial health. Willoughby explained to the Council that the Village had a total of $2.2 million dollars in assets (as of June 30, 2023) alongside a total of $118,000 in liabilities.

“We like to see a much larger number for total current assets than liabilities,” said Willoughby. “You are a very strong municipality. Financially, you are very strong.”

Questa del Rio News spoke with Mayor John Ortega separately on the topic of the village’s financial health and he explained their success was due to cutting back on small administrative costs in the Village offices as well as not spending money unnecessarily.

Mayor Ortega told Questa del Rio News that he is optimistic for the Village of Questa in the coming years, with our strong budget, the green hydrogen project, the construction of a new water well at the Business Park, and an updated water treatment plant. Questa has prospects and we are on track to move past our reputation as a mining town.