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May 2024

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Welcome Spring with Questa Credit Union!

Spring is finally upon us and with it brings a time of renewal. We do spring cleaning of our houses and yards, and this year we hope to be renewing our connections with friends and community. After being cut off from our normal activities for over a year, most of us are realizing what is most important in our lives. The Questa Credit Union has deeply missed having our members visit with us in our lobby, and we are so excited to be able to have you back. For those of you who have been our members for years or even decades, you know the quality of service that you can expect from the Questa Credit Union. For those of you who are not members, we would love to have the opportunity to serve you. We would like to have you meet our credit union’s employees:

Katherine Flory

Hello, I am Katherine Flory. I have been with the Questa Credit Union since 2006, with a brief break from 2011 to 2013.
I started off being a clerk when it was only a savings and loan institution. Since that time, we have added so many services: checking accounts, debit cards, and a mobile app. I am a lifelong resident of the area and am proud to serve the community through our membership.
I am currently the manager of the credit union and also the mortgage loan officer. Working at the credit union is extremely satisfying. My favorite thing about working here is when I see one of our members get a new home. The joy that homeownership brings is contagious and it spreads to the entire staff.

Patricia Michael

Hi! My name is Patricia Michael. I first started as a teller at the Questa Credit Union in 2011 with a short break in 2013. In 2015, I was lucky to return to the Credit Union. As a little girl, I always wanted a job in an office where I helped people, and Questa Credit Union is just that! In 2018, I received my Certificate in Financial Counseling to help our community members better understand their credit reports, how to improve their credit scores, and to bring an awareness of predatory lenders. In 2019, I was promoted to Loan Officer. Since then, you may not see much of me at the teller line. Instead, I’m mostly in my office with a member going over the details of their loan. I just love to see how we are improving the lives of our community members, whether it is helping them with a loan, or even just cashing a check. pmichael@questacreditunion.org

Britney Romero

My name is Britney Romero. This year will be my second year working with the Questa Credit Union. Since starting here, I have worked the front teller line, helping customers to open accounts, with online banking, and just recently helping to process loans. I was raised in Questa and plan on making a lifelong career serving our community of Questa. When you call the Questa Credit Union, you may hear me on the other side of the phone giving you a balance, helping set up your online banking, or answering questions about loans. One of the many things I enjoy most about this job is speaking with our members and helping them with any financial needs that they may have.
Nothing brings me more joy than helping people finance a new vehicle, get some home improvements done, and most importantly, helping people when they are in a bind.

Dezirae Walker

Hi! My name is
Dezirae Walker. I am just two months shy of one year serving our Questa Credit Union members. I have lived in Questa for 17 years. I honestly never thought I would have stayed in Questa this long; I’m a total city girl! But I have clearly learned to embrace the small-town life and I love it. Since being welcomed into the Questa Credit Union family, I have worked as a Member Service Representative. I absolutely love working with our members, whether I’m helping customers make changes to accounts, making deposits, opening accounts, or answering balance inquiries. One of the many things I enjoy about my job is talking to each of our members personally, so they don’t have to talk to an automated system.

If you have had negative experiences with other financial institutions in the past, we encourage you to come by and talk to one of our staff members to see how we can help you! Our goal is to help you and all our members become financially literate so that they will not be taken advantage of by predatory lenders or institutions just looking to deceive you. We have a Certified Financial Coach who is here to help you navigate the process of rebuilding your credit, if that’s one of your needs. Our services are free to anyone in the community. We are proud of our small-town values and know our members appreciate them as well.

Questa Credit Union is located at 2433 NM-522, Questa, NM 87556. We are open to serve you from 9 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday and recently started opening on Saturday mornings from 8 am to noon. Visit us at www.questacreditunion.org or call us at (575) 586-0423.