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Wildfire Preparedness: Resolve to Be Ready in 2022

The “Wildfire Preparedness is Year-Round” campaign continues in 2022 with monthly wildfire preparedness messages from the Carson National Forest and partners at other forests, agencies, and non-governmental organizations. While winter usually provides a break from wildfire activity, wildfires are possible during any part of the year these days. As a result of a strong 2021 monsoon season which regenerated grasses and other vegetation, fire danger may increase and New Mexico could even experience wildfires this winter. Despite recent snow in many parts of the state, New Mexico is still expected to have a dry, La Niña winter.

There are many resources available, including Living with Wildfire and Ready, Set, Go! principles to help protect your family and home. Consider sharing what you learn with neighbors to enhance the effectiveness of your own planning and action.Resolve to be Ready:

  • Make an emergency plan: choose a safe place to meet, learn evacuation routes, and establish an out-of-town contact.
  • Take a current photo of you and your pet(s) together in case you get separated during a disaster.
  • Get to know your neighbors and invite them to be a part of your emergency plan.
  • Snap photos of important documents and save them in a secure place or online.
  • Set up group text lists so you can communicate with friends and family during emergencies.
  • Take a class in CPR and first aid.
  • Keep and update emergency supplies, including cash.
  • Have back-up power sources available to charge devices in case of a power outage.
  • Check your insurance for coverage on disasters like wildfire and floods. Snap pictures of your property for insurance purposes.
  • Sign up for emergency alerts and warnings.
  • Download the FEMA app or check with your city or county government to see if they have an alert and notification system in place.

Save for a rainy day! Start and grow your emergency fund. Financially prepare for the new year. Find out how with the Emergency Financial First Aid Kit.

The Carson National Forest is working with the Cibola and Santa Fe National Forests, Forest Stewards Guild, Fire Adapted NM, New Mexico Forestry Division, New Mexico Association of Conservation Districts, National Park Service, Bureau of Indian Affairs, and Bureau of Land Management New Mexico to continue our wildfire preparedness calendar in 2022 and share the message across multiple platforms, including social media, webinars and community events. Bookmark the wildfire preparedness webpage to follow the campaign throughout the year.

For more information: lynn.lockwood@usda.gov; (970) 878-6002 or (970) 319-5353, www.fs.fed.us.