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June 2024

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Art by Ed Sandoval: Local artist Ed Sandoval captured the beauty of Questa's St. Anthony Church in his original painting, above. He generously donated rights to the parish to reproduce the image as an ongoing fundraiser to help with upkeep of the church.

A Fundraiser For Questa,s St. Anthony’s Church

Ed Sandoval was born and raised in Nambe, New Mexico. His roots in New Mexico go back to the late 1500s. Growing up, he learned a love of the land and the importance of giving back to his community.
Mr. Sandoval loves painting old adobe churches and decided one day to take a drive to look at the St. Anthony Catholic Church because he hadn’t seen it in a while. He had heard how the people in the community came together to save their beloved church and he wanted to see the result. WOW, he had no idea what to expect. He was very moved when he realized the love and dedication that the community had to make it all possible.

Mr. Sandoval decided to add a few of his own touches to the painting. He added luminarias in the doorway because that’s what a church really is—it is light. Next, he added a sunrise in the background and the scar in the mountain (known as almagre) , an annual ceremonial destination for members of Taos Pueblo. It is sacred to them and the history behind it. “It’s the history of our land and our people.”

When Mr. Sandoval finished the painting, he was telling a friend how impressed he was with the love and spirit of the community. The people all came together and gave of their time, money, effort and good will. His friend suggested giving the rights of the painting to the church to make prints so they can earn money to keep the restoration going. He thought about it and agreed that that’s what it is all about. The community gave so much, the least he could do is provide the image for them to make cards, prints, and do whatever they can to raise money for the upkeep of the church. To Mr. Sandoval we are forever grateful for this wonderful gift.

Thanksgiving 2020: Mr. Sandoval contacted me about a painting of the St. Anthony Church that he was gifting the rights to St. Anthony Parish in Questa, New Mexico with the copyright and proceeds made from the sales.

Currently, there are four different sizes of prints available for sale at Rael’s Store & Coffee Shop and in the near future will be offering coffee cups with the church image on them. We will continue to offer new ideas as time goes on.

To clear up any confusion there may be, SARCHP restored the church but any further fundraisers would be through St. Anthony Parish for the upkeep and maintenance of the church. For more information on the fundraiser, or Ed Sandoval’s prints and cards of St. Anthony’s Church, go by Rael’s Store & Coffee Shop and talk to Cynthia Rael-Vigil or call Louise Gallegos (575) 613-5490. Your support of our fundraisers are truly appreciated.