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May 2024

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April Fools News Briefs

Citing Questa’s favorable environment for economic development in the dollar store sector, and taking advantage of present levels of inflation, Discount Dollar Corporation announced today that they have the most scenic property in the Village under contract for construction of their 250,000th location. A Grand Opening is scheduled for April Fools Day.

The Northern Toas Country Food Association, in partnership the New Mexico Fish, Birds and Hunting Department, has proposed a new commercial venture to raise wild sturgeon at the Rad Riviera Fish & Egg Hatchery. Recent supply chain issues have brought to light the unrealized nonexistence of high-altitude roe for artisanal caviar as a locally-produced sustainable food source.

The Mamas and Papas Organization is encouraging everyone with a backyard to raise storks, since the number of newborn babies has been declining.

Nine residents of Cerro, including the mayor and Julia Roberts, spotted an elephant walking up and down Main Street. Apparently, she forgot where she lived.

JUST IN: A Costilla man was reported to have been a victim of spontaneous combustion. Astonished onlookers were slightly singed, with no major burns reported. The Costello and Amalia Volunteer Fire Departments were called and the incident is under investigation.