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ASTROLOGY: April 2022


“We have learned so much… there still remains much to learn. We are not going in circles,
we are going upwards. The path is a spiral.” —Herman Hesse, Siddhartha

In mid-March we began a new cycle when we entered Aries at the spring equinox. As we grow our selves,
so we also attempt to grow humanity. The progression around the zodiac explains the growth.

Aries – Here I AM! Bursting onto the earthly plane, still with the remembrance of where we came from.
Taurus – I can touch, eat, throw things! Learning the right use of personal resources.
Gemini – there are two of us in the room; I must learn to communicate and share my toys!
Cancer – I recognize that I am part of a whole family in which negotiation
and respect must be learned; the Family of Man.
Leo – playing, showing off and falling in love for the first time; ultimately, unconditional love.
Virgo – the first recognition that this “other” part of me is Divine and the urgent need to nurture it.
Libra – the recognition that an Other is as important as I am;
the Sacred Marriage with the Highest Partner.
Scorpio – I get tested as to my commitment to that Other and to the Journey.
Sagittarius – I and my partner are One and now it is about learning focus, direction,
and discipline; the Path has so many distractions.
Capricorn – The ambition to climb to the peak of the mountain, fall at the feet of the Master.
Aquarius – after seeing the big picture, receiving enlightenment I need to share it with others, with All.
Pisces – when I realize this one lifetime is such a tiny drop in the bucket, it’s time to recapitulate, go deep inside, into the Mystery, to prepare for the next cycle. We can do better, always.

Everyone: Not a single retrograde in the sky.

ARIES Planet: Mercury MARCH 20 – APRIL 19
Dynamic: This is a good time to start something.
Direction: Later in the month you will have the right energy to keep it going.
Soul Thought: What is the Fire of Mind?

TAURUS Planet: Vulcan APRIL 19 – MAY 20
Dynamic: You enter your strongest time of the year.
Direction: Ponder upon which muscles to flex.
Soul Thought: Metaphorically speaking.

GEMINI Planet: Venus MAY 20 – July 20
Dynamic: A good month for giving.
Direction: Charity, assistance, gifts, whatever rocks your boat.
Soul Thought: Bless us, one and all.

CANCER Planet: Neptune July 20 – JULY 22
Dynamic: As others shift from the time of deep introspection, you remain.
Direction: Nourish your compassion.
Soul Thought: Not the same thing as sensitivity.

LEO Planet: Sun JULY 22 – AUG 22
Dynamic: A new project could begin rolling right along.
Direction: With the right touch, maintenance could be minimal.
Soul Thought: What follows a good start?

VIRGO f Planet: Moon B AUG 22 – SEPT 22
Dynamic: During a time when options are few, your reflections can change everything.
Direction: Light up the world!
Soul Thought: From the inside out.

LIBRA Planet: Uranus SEPT 22 – OCT 22
Dynamic: Yours is the dilemma of balance between the two worlds.
Direction: Be sure to look in both directions.
Soul Thought: “Not in this world less, but in both worlds more.” —Helena Blavatsky

SCORPIO Planet: Mars OCT 22 – NOV 21
Dynamic: For a few days the first of the month you can offset ALL of your karma.
Direction: Service to humanity is always a surefire way.
Soul Thought: “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” —Mahatma Gandhi

SAGITTARIUS Planet: Earth NOV 21 – DEC 20
Dynamic: A lot of hard work now brings things together.
Direction: Pat yourself on the back.
Soul Thought: From the Sacred Marriage to the Testing Ground.

CAPRICORN Planet: Saturn DEC 20 – JAN 19
Dynamic: You and another can work out things you’ve been working on for many lifetimes.
Direction: Be patient.
Soul Thought: What does hard work mean?

AQUARIUS Planet: Jupiter JAN 19 – FEB 18
Dynamic: This is about negotiating.
Direction: Always keeping in mind the big picture… for both of you.
Soul Thought: From the void to expansion.

PISCES l Planet: Pluto J FEB 18 – MAR 20
Dynamic: If the job/business is a burden, try floating it a while.
Direction: Determine those many meanings.
Soul Thought: “We observe how burdens braved by humankind are also the moments that make humans kind.”
—Amanda Gorman


  • Charlene R, Johnson

    Charlene R Johnson is a graduate of Claregate College, a metaphysical college in England and studied directly under teacher Dr. Douglas Baker. She offers oral readings, written reports and teaches classes in both esoteric astrology and esoteric psychology. These classes are for beginners who know nothing of astrology. Use of the glyphs in your chart are considered a form of dialogue with your Soul and a necessary tool in your spiritual toolbox. A former Taos County resident she now lives in central Florida on 6.5 acres on a beautiful lake. This property has recently been dubbed SkyDance Sanctuary and will be the site of classes and special events.

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