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ASTROLOGY: February 2023


“Big Dreams come from the Collective Unconscious.”

Carl Jung

During this shortest month of the year several planets will be in the sign of Aquarius, including the Sun and Saturn who will be conjunct for a couple of days in the middle of the month. Even as the Sun shifts into the sign of Pisces on the 18th, Saturn, Vulcan and Mercury will continue in Aquarius through the 28th.

Many think that Aquarius is a water sign since the Water Bearer is its archetype. But in fact, Aquarius is an air sign and as such represents the mental realms, thought processes and high ideals, the expansion of thought. It rules breezes and light zephyrs, the uplifting type of air which holds balloons aloft and lightens the mood. It also rules waves of things, whether water, air, or sonar.

The Water Bearer is pouring forth not water, but knowledge for spiritually thirsty people. This Age of Aquarius is indeed a time of expansion of the human mind and the human need for a spiritual identity higher than most have so far attained or even known possible. This is the Age when cooperation within groups, friendships and all of humanity is expected to reach a higher level, to expand into the recognition that indeed we are all a part of the human species, and we are all heading in the same direction. Aquarius rules the steps we take to attain our greatest hopes and wishes including the climb up Jacob’s ladder.

When we shift into esoteric astrology, Jupiter, with its hearty benevolence and jolly good will, becomes the ruling planet of Aquarius. While Jupiter is currently in the sign of Aries, its connection to Aquarius brings it front and center as well, while Aries is the sign of beginning something new. Since Aquarius rules friendships, this might be a time when new friends show up or old friends are raised to a higher level within your esteem. Beginning something new with a higher awareness is perfect and appropriate.

Everyone: Enjoy this expansive energy of the Age of Aquarius.

ARIES Planet: Mercury MARCH 20 – APRIL 19
Dynamic: This could be a month of high awareness.
Direction: Pay attention!
Soul Thought: “Awareness and presence always happen in the now. If you are trying to make something happen, then you are creating resistance to what is. It is the removing of all resistance that allows evolutionary energy to unfold.” Eckhart Tolle

TAURUS Planet: Vulcan APRIL 19 – MAY 20
Dynamic: You might feel particularly gabby this month.
Direction: Treat your tender throat well.
Soul Thought: Is there a quiver in your voice?

GEMINI Planet: Venus MAY 20 – July 20
Dynamic: It’s the end and the beginning.
Direction: Hang onto that secret until after the 21st.
Soul Thought: How to create history.

CANCER Planet: Neptune July 20 – JULY 22
Dynamic: You are the calm one in the storm.
Direction: Use that for others.
Soul Thought: Or be the storm?

LEO Planet: Sun JULY 22 – AUG 22
Dynamic: If it feels you are going backwards, it’s all an illusion.
Direction: Look for a better perspective.
Soul Thought: What does Reversing the Wheel mean?

VIRGO Planet: Moon AUG 22 – SEPT 22
Dynamic: Sometimes it’s hard to know what is.
Direction: Ask the questions.
Soul Thought: “There is no matter; the mind is the matrix of all matter.” Max Plank

LIBRA Planet: Uranus SEPT 22 – OCT 22
Dynamic: Your greatest desires can be real.
Direction: Believe it.
Soul Thought: “There’s nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.” William Shakespeare

SCORPIO Planet: Mars OCT 22 – NOV 21
Dynamic: Arguments abound.
Direction: Use your senses wisely.
Soul Thought: “Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.” Rumi

SAGITTARIUS Planet: Earth NOV 21 – DEC 20
Dynamic: You’re kind of out there on your own.
Direction: Do it anyway.
Soul Thought: Lots of good work gets done that way.

CAPRICORN Planet: Saturn DEC 20 – JAN 19
Dynamic: A bumpy start to the month turns into a good journey.
Direction: See the big picture.
Soul Thought: Eyes wide open.

AQUARIUS Planet: Jupiter JAN 19 – FEB 18
Dynamic: Your planet is the Lord of the Age of Aquarius.
Direction: Get a sense of that nobility.
Soul Thought: It is a part of you.

PISCES Planet: Pluto FEB 18 – MAR 20
Dynamic: You’re at the end of a cycle . . .
Direction: Make the most of where you are.
Soul Thought: . . . in more ways than one.

To discover your Rising Sign, or for more information, contact Charlene R. Johnson,
www.SkyDanceAstrology.com, or email: SkyDance@SkyDanceAstrology.com
Esoteric Astrology is focused on the rising sign more than the sun sign (we suggest you read both)
and provides clarity, direction and answers for those seeking a higher level of life.


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    Charlene R Johnson is a graduate of Claregate College, a metaphysical college in England and studied directly under teacher Dr. Douglas Baker. She offers oral readings, written reports and teaches classes in both esoteric astrology and esoteric psychology. These classes are for beginners who know nothing of astrology. Use of the glyphs in your chart are considered a form of dialogue with your Soul and a necessary tool in your spiritual toolbox. A former Taos County resident she now lives in central Florida on 6.5 acres on a beautiful lake. This property has recently been dubbed SkyDance Sanctuary and will be the site of classes and special events.

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