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“Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.”

Kahlil Gibran

This month, November 3 marks ten years since the death of a great teacher, my teacher. I dedicate this column to Dr. Douglas Baker, a master of the esoteric sciences (also called the wisdom teachings) and especially for me, of the Esoteric Astrology. The above quote very much applies to this hero of World War II and the near-death experiences he suffered which would forever alter the direction of his life. He also suffered pain from war injuries that could not be healed. Yet, he changed the world.

Little Elephant, his ashram, and Claregate College, one of the first metaphysical colleges in the western world, attracted many students worldwide and produced many who carry on the work in their own corners of the world.
In astrology charts, Saturn can be an indicator of fathers, authority figures, and important teachers in life, especially when it falls in the first house or sits near the Rising Sign, affecting the personality’s desire to serve a higher purpose. Many of us with this configuration think of Dr. Baker as that authority which changed our lives, gave us something to look up to and emulate, and set many of us on a new course in life.

As happens with the death of a master, the students for a while scatter and mourn, uncertain how to continue. Ten years after his death many past Claregate students are coming together in new ways, bonded in the common desire to keep the work moving onward into the Aquarian Age. This is the age of groups working together to unite humanity in higher ways of thinking and being. Some of us are fortunate enough to have had a guide. Thank you, Dr. Douglas Baker.

Everyone: November 19 is a partial eclipse of the full moon; time to consider what you are “hatching.”

ARIES Planet: Mercury MARCH 20 – APRIL 19
Dynamic: This busy month will be great for testing your reactivity to fast-paced situations, both positive and negative.
Direction: Use your brilliance to assess before leaping.
Soul Thought: Response vs reaction.

TAURUS Planet: Vulcan APRIL 19 – MAY 20
Dynamic: You may need to offer a loan or accept a loan.
Direction: Think resources, not necessarily just money.
Soul Thought: What are your God-given resources?

GEMINI Planet: Venus MAY 20 – July 20
Dynamic: An exceptionally benevolent month,
if a bit serious.
Direction: Use this serious time to ponder,
not something you typically find easy.
Soul Thought: “Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”—Leo Tolstoy

CANCER Planet: Neptune July 20 – JULY 22
Dynamic: A time when magic is at your fingertips.
Direction: This is the time for creativity.
Soul Thought: O, what to create!

LEO Planet: Sun JULY 22 – AUG 22
Dynamic: Blessings and challenges both,
in finances and feelings.
Direction: Both are manageable as long as
you try to manage.
Soul Thought: And sometimes just letting things be works.

LIBRA Planet: Uranus SEPT 22 – OCT 22
Dynamic: While you feel a bit out of whack at times,
you’re getting used to it.
Direction: Idiosyncrasy is sometimes just what is needed.
Soul Thought: When weird is okay.

SCORPIO Planet: Mars OCT 22 – NOV 21
Dynamic: The opportunity to work off karma is huge.
Direction: Say, “Bring it on!”
Soul Thought: And mean it.

SAGITTARIUS Planet: Earth NOV 21 – DEC 20
Dynamic: Things improve as the month goes on.
Direction: Consider it done.
Soul Thought: “The greatest illusion is that man has limitations.” —Robert Monroe

CAPRICORN Planet: Saturn DEC 20 – JAN 19
Dynamic: This challenge has been ongoing and
has even gotten a bit weird.
Direction: If you have anything to repent, now’s the time.
Soul Thought: What does it mean to repent?

AQUARIUS Planet: Jupiter JAN 19 – FEB 18
Dynamic: Although overall things should be joyful,
problems may occur with a friend.
Direction: Consider the importance of the friendship
more than the importance of the issue.
Soul Thought: True friends are gold.

PISCES Planet: Pluto FEB 18 – MAR 20
Dynamic: The heaviness gets a little lighter this month.
Direction: Love on a dog and it will get even lighter.
Soul Thought: And let a dog love on you.


  • Charlene R, Johnson

    Charlene R Johnson is a graduate of Claregate College, a metaphysical college in England and studied directly under teacher Dr. Douglas Baker. She offers oral readings, written reports and teaches classes in both esoteric astrology and esoteric psychology. These classes are for beginners who know nothing of astrology. Use of the glyphs in your chart are considered a form of dialogue with your Soul and a necessary tool in your spiritual toolbox. A former Taos County resident she now lives in central Florida on 6.5 acres on a beautiful lake. This property has recently been dubbed SkyDance Sanctuary and will be the site of classes and special events.

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