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May 2022

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Poems of the Month

Steeple Chase by Elizabeth Brunazzi Young Buddha escaping the sleeping castle, your beautiful young wife, your infant son, your horse’s hooves velveted, silent over the pavement stones, the cosmos conspiring

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Don’t Get Caught In The Rope

By Darwin Star One of the first things you’ll be told when you start working around horses happens to be one of the most important: Don’t get caught in the

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It is said that before entering the seaa river trembles with fear.She looks back at the path she has traveled,from the peaks of the mountains,the long winding road crossing forests

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Hope Found in America

By Jennifer Mooney Hope, Interrupted; America Lost and Found in Letters (Orange Frazer Press, May 2021) is a cautionary tale of hope, fear, optimism, existential dread, and living. Byron—a southern

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