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June 2024

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in French, English, and Haitian Editors: Senior Editor Elizabeth Brunazzi,
Co-editors Eddy Toussaint Tontongi and Denizé Lauture

The poetry selected for inclusion in This Land, My Beloved/Cette Terre, mon amour/Tè Mwen Renmen An, represents an invitation to both the general reader and the specialist to explore the reflection and interpretation of Haitian culture and history as they are experienced in the present day, by Haitian poets inhabiting an international diaspora extending from Haiti across multiple regions of the US, Canada, and France. The editors and contributors (over 30 men and women) have been engaged in this cultural and humanitarian project for over three years. The book will be published by Trilingual Press, Cambridge Mass, in September 2022.

The distinctive characteristics of this assembly of voices converge in the conception of the body: the body as the motherland of Haiti, the body as beloved, the body as sufferer, the outraged body, the body in lamentation, the body as resistance and site of renewal; and, finally, the body as it is ritualized in the languages embraced by these poets.

Senior editor of the anthology and food editor for Questa Del Rio News, Dr. Elizabeth Brunazzi will travel to France in May, 2022, for a residential fellowship of two months at the International Center for Literary Translation, in Arles, France, for final preparation, translation, and editing of the anthology. She will give presentations in both Arles and at a colloquium in Paris, June 29 through July 1. Congratulations, Elizabeth!