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Poets of LAMA

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Local Poets and Their Works


Georgia Gersh and her parents, Annie Degan and the late Bill Gersh have left a creative footprint on the community of Lama. Creativity runs in their family. All three are known for their visual arts, especially painting. For our July Literary Locals feature, we offer their Poems of the Month. Enjoy!


in the daze of hot days
in the daze of old age
i ponder the miracle
of color
of the arrival of flowers on this earth.
i ponder about worth
god sez i am his worthy perfect earth child
reflecting the miracle back to MYSELF
I do

— Annie Degen

every new day

every new day, an opportunity to start again
to practice gratitude
to practice patience
to practice art and growing flowers
every new day, a fresh start
to remember how precious it is to be here
every new day

— Georgia Gersh

Just another mummy in the cargo

Dancing together on the golden
streets of glory…
transformed into their heavenly
bodies…Yiddish cries muffled
in leaky sprinkler systems…
Voices of Russian ancestors move
from air conditioner to air
conditioner. White winged aluminum
hurls through Miami skies.
Watching my hands reach for light
I see this is the animal, the
sacrificial creature, the animal
the ancestor, the ancestor of the tongue,
the givers of Lot for Able, the
animal of the word
of speaking peoples,
of the ram, of the lingua
of the reason for line–
I kid thee not daddy, I kid thee
Not… there for endless horizon
miles… clothed mummies had risen
from the cargo of unknowns…
stretched elongations encased in stainless steel screaming
What’s wrong with the figure?????

— Bill Gersh