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February 2024

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Sustainable Living

Soul Kitchens

“Hope is delicious.” That’s the slogan on the t-shirts at the JBJ Soul Kitchens. Since 2011, Jon Bon Jovi and his wife Dorethea have been

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The Happiness Museum

Is being happy an art? or a science? In Copenhagen, Denmark, The Happiness Research Institute is dedicated to finding out. In 2020, in the midst

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Fog Farming

The Atacama Desert in northern Chile is one of the driest places on Earth. Its dwindling reservoirs and falling water tables are forcing local communities

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Weird & Wild Water Facts

Science and History of that Life-giving Liquid There are more molecules in one cup of water (0.237 liters) than there are stars in the Milky

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Beavers Do it Better.

You’ve heard about the Slow Food movement, and even Slow Flowers, but what about Slow Water?It could hold the key to combating soil erosion and

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