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June 2024

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Celebrating Questa’s Seniors

Each spring represents a new beginning. As the snow recedes, trees and flowers blossom, animals emerge, and Questa fills with life. Spring also serves as a new beginning for Questa’s high school seniors. At graduation, Questa’s future engineers, doctors, electricians, teachers, farmers, and first responders mark the end of one career and the launch of another.

For this particular group of seniors, graduation is not just a new beginning but a monumental achievement. As freshmen, they were thrown into a public health crisis and a new world shaped by the coronavirus pandemic. Over the last four years, they have struggled, strived, and achieved. Against all odds, they have found success. We were especially proud to support this year’s light-pole street banners highlighting Questa’s remarkable seniors.

“Our seniors have come so far,” says Questa community officer Maria Gonzalez. “All of our seniors have found a way to succeed in difficult times, and LOR is thrilled to be part of congratulating them.”

Like this year’s seniors, Questa’s animal rescue volunteers have also persevered. When Taos County and Stray Hearts Animal Shelter ended their work together last year, Questa’s vulnerable animals were left with few options, as were the people who care for them. Volunteers started seeing more puppy drop-offs and stray dogs, an issue that quickly became a crisis.

Local volunteer Jen Melton has been relentless in her efforts to help Questa’s stray dogs, launching a new group called High Desert Hounds late last year. Melton and High Desert Hounds aim to provide housing and medical services to Taos County’s stray animals, improving their quality of life. With support from the LOR Foundation, Melton and High Desert Hounds have created an emergency shelter for Questa’s homeless dogs, and they continue to raise awareness about the growing issue of stray animals in Questa and Taos County.

“Our project champions see local problems and want to solve them,” Gonzalez says. “Every day locals are making our community better for all Questa residents.”

If you’ve got a solution, reach out to Gonzalez at maria@lorfoundation.org or (575) 665-2001. Or stop by the Healing Field of Honor Memorial Day event, where she’ll have a booth.

LOR works with rural communities in the Mountain West to enhance livability and prosperity while preserving the character that makes each community unique. LOR supports locally led community projects that improve transportation, housing, the environment, education, civic engagement, water, health, and the economy.