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LOR Helps Questa Students

In Questa, youth sports are a big deal. Wildcat and Ladycat games are unifying, bringing together not just families and friends, but the entire Questa community. For players, football, basketball, and soccer games are an opportunity to share talent and display their Questa pride. But all of that requires having the money to compete.

Uniforms and equipment can be expensive, and transportation to and from games adds up. And then there’s costly gym and field maintenance. Administrators with the Questa Independent School District have been looking for innovative ways to make the district’s sports more sustainable. Last year, superintendent John Maldonado and athletic coordinator Ernie Griego reached out to Maria Gonzalez at the LOR Foundation with an idea to capitalize on local advertising. After months of hard work and input from local businesses, the district recently purchased a new digital scorer’s table with a grant from LOR. Businesses will be able to get in front of local audiences while showing their support for local teams, while the district will be able to ensure that its athletic programs have the financial backing they need.

“Our kids deserve every opportunity to showcase their athletic abilities,” Gonzalez says. “The new scorer’s table is really a win-win for everybody in Questa.”

Another community win is in the works for April 13, when Questa’s local 4-H club will host a public tea party with first responders at the Questa Public Library. The event, which LOR is helping to sponsor, will give residents the chance to connect with public safety officials. It will also serve as an opportunity for first responders to collect teddy bears and other stuffed animals to give to local kids when they’re out on a call.

“Every project we support has passion and dedication behind it,” Gonzalez says. “Some ideas just need a nudge, and that’s what we’re here for.”

As spring starts making an appearance, Gonzalez hopes even more ideas from locals will blossom. Share your idea and learn more about how LOR can help make Questa an even better place to live by contacting Gonzalez at maria@lorfoundation.org or (575) 665-2001.