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February 2024

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Cerro/Questa Friendship Circle Membership Dues Increase

Dear Friendship Circle members (and potential members!),

We hope this letter finds you in good spirits and good health during this holiday season and into the new year. Here are some important changes that are coming soon that were voted on by the members of the Cerro/Questa Friendship Circle during the October and December meetings.

With the ongoing pandemic, it’s become costly to operate under the current membership dues that each of you gratefully contribute. The costs of rent, goods, and services is becoming strenuous to our finances. Therefore, membership dues, regardless of residency, will increase starting January 1, 2022. The rates are being changed as follows: $15 to $25, $30 to $50, and $50 to $75. To find out your rate and how you will be affected, contact Flavio Cisneros at (575) 779-4609 or Loveida Cisneros at (575) 586-1112.

Our organization wouldn’t be possible without you! These measures are required in order to continue providing for families and our community during their times of grief. We also want to emphasize the importance of participation in the program. Our senior and consistent members are limited and can only pro

vide so much. We ask that more members, specifically those who do not participate, to step forward and help.
Lastly, we would like to thank the outgoing officers and welcome the new ones! Thank you for your service and dedication to the program: Vickie Cisneros, former president; Magdalena Mascarenas, former vice-president; and Evelyn Quintana, former treasurer.

Welcome Flavio Cisneros, president; Marcia Romero, vice-president; Manuel Romero, treasurer; and Loveida Cisneros, continuing secretary.

The Cerro/Questa Friendship Circle was founded by locals in the community to provide a meal to families of lost loved ones during their time of grief. The organization’s purpose is to help and give back to its members during a stressful time. Members pay into the organization to ensure their family and friends are given a meal following the funeral service at the time of their passing. Anyone is eligible and welcome to join and in turn is expected to help with meals as part of the membership, such as preparing food, serving, or cleaning up. For more information, contact Flavio Cisneros (575) 779-4609 or Loveida Cisneros (575) 586-1112.