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GFTD Celebrations by Dina Coleman

Just about everyone in Questa knows Dina Coleman! She has been in the Questa area for 18 years and is the proud mother of three (one daughter, two sons, with 10 grandkids). She has been married for 21 years to Kambrel Coleman, better known as Mr. Bubba’s Bar B Que.

Dina has always been creative and crafty. “I have to give God all the glory because he has given me the talent and the mind to create. I am often surprised with the things He comes up with! It’s only by God’s grace. Because I believe this, I came up with the name for my small business as GFTD Celebrations.”

Dina started her business focusing on gift-giving and creating specialty items for all celebrations. She makes gift baskets and balloon bouquets for all occasions: Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Graduation, bridal baskets, birthdays, you name it. She wanted to bring something to our area that is unique, but not just about making a purchase. It’s truly about creating a memory, creating a moment that people will carry with them always.

Dina has truly become an artist with balloons. She makes multi-color bouquets and site-specific installations with balloons to go with baskets and to liven up events. She makes large balloon archways as well as other ways to enhance a space with balloons.

Dina’s most recent venture is creating mini-celebrations, specializing in groups between 2 to 12. You could call them deluxe, extra-fancy picnics. She starts with creating a beautiful setting. Anyone who knows Dina knows how much she loves home décor as much as she loves crafting. So, creating beautiful settings for celebrations puts the two together in a fun, creative and appealing way.

Dina says, “I initially promoted it as picnics or dinner set-ups, but don’t want to lock myself into one particular type of service. This is a fun and beautiful and thoughtful way to create a memory with a person or the people who are closest to you.” To start with, Dina creates a beautiful table setting and there are many add-ons, such as food, games, and a non-alcoholic drink bar. She provides a Bluetooth speaker and any other special request to create some great one-on-one time with a special individual. Are you thinking of popping the question to the love of your life? Why not let Dina help you with a once in a lifetime perfect setting? The service is available for any occasion — anniversaries, engagements, birthdays, elopement, a girls’ lunch brunch, or just because. Any of Dina’s other options can be added, such as balloons or a gift basket. Just call Dina and she will set it up and come clean it up afterward. Email Dina at gftd2022@gmail.com and call (575)779-5803. Find her on Facebook at GFTD Celebrations and Instagram is @dinakamc. Enjoy!