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I dare you

Beautiful day outside my window. Windy but inviting like spring blossoms. People are planting and getting gardens ready to direct seed or transplant their little plants outside. I went to a Healing Circle last Sunday and did some interviews there for my column “I Dare You”.

Have you ever dared to lose it all, put all your cards on the table or been willing to be humbled to the core to have this experience? Was the experience so important to you that you were willing to go out on a limb for it. It could be about daring to join a cause, entering a partnership, opening a business, beginning a practice or becoming a parent. Your dare could be inspired by someone else’s life. Their voice inspired your own voice from a quote, a book or a movie. A dare is about action, it involves movement.

Sometimes the fear of “doing” is too much and we hold back and retreat to a safe place. We all have our limits, our boundaries, our choices. It isn’t about the fear that matters, it’s about the choices we make while we are afraid. You are brave because of your fear. A brave act believes in an end it cannot see or know. This act of bravery impacts your life and is different from anything you’ve known before. Did you find your voice and use it? Did you take the chance and not give up or give in?

Kat: “I ran for President of the United States in 2008 for the Green Party nomination. I was running the Green party in Texas at the time. I was going to be 35 years old in 2008. You have to be 35 years old to run. It was a weird alignment of things so I was able to do it. I came in second place to a former congressman. I was scared to actually win. My life has been danger and grit. I came to Taos to relax, recover and breathe.”

Bob: “UFO’s coming in this area. Finding it safe to get in here. Working on the grid, trying to stabilize and energize it. Actually sometimes they clean the air, the good UFO’s. Your body does not get charged from it. It’s a good feeling that comes through you. I encountered a UFO in Eagle Nest that was good. I felt connected to it. I dare that we call them in to help the situation on Earth to disempower the negativity and evil. It was the real thing.”

Susan Moore: “The Taos Food Co-op had a Board of Directors that had been envisioning a co-op for a couple of years. We decided to buy cases of things and then divide it up. We started group orders in 2011. We had bigger plans to open a store and in March 2012 we opened a little store in a back room of Optimism for $200 a month. We opened with 5 bags of rice and 5 bags of beans from 25 lbs bags priced at a markup. We had no capital, credit in on our rent and opened part time. This was definitely a risk taking situation because there was no financial backing. The rest is history. Today we have 78 volunteers and we operate 10 to 6 pm Monday thru Saturday. Since covid we have tripled our business. If you have a viable idea do your homework, complete financial projections and once you have decided absolutely, Go for it. It takes a commitment to be brave.”

April: “I worshipped The Be Good Tanya, an all female band. In my early 20s listened to them all day, everyday. I went to the San Francisco Folk Festival in the park where the band was playing. I was hanging out with my friends when I saw the band in a circle in the park close by. My friend was pushing me into going to say hi to them. It was one of the shyest moments of my life. Usually I am a pretty bold person so it was interesting to see myself being so shy. I did walk up to them and was barely able to say hi and give them a hug. I was so enamored with them, it was like walking up to a God for me. I dared my self-confidence in my body, being and voice in being seen by someone I worshiped.”

Rachel: “I dared to date me while I was married. I had to listen to the wisdom of my soul, my deepest self that “we” were happier alone than in a marriage with the wrong person. Soon- me, myself and I were free and living the best life! I dared to be alone and better”.