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February 2024

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Infrastructure Improvements and Federal Funding

The Village of Questa is in the process of finalizing its Infrastructure Capital Improvement Plan (ICIP) for Fiscal Years 2024-2028. Administered through the New Mexico Department of Finance and Administration, the ICIP helps counties, municipalities, tribal governments, special districts, and senior citizen facilities anticipate infrastructure improvements in the near future. A project’s inclusion does not necessarily mean it will be funded.

The Village’s ICIP plan lists 32 specific projects costing $36,914,208 in project funds with $29,536,344 in unorganized funds not assigned to a project (as of this publication).

  • Sewer System Improvements: $2 million
  • Cabresto Road Improvements: $3.1 million
  • Road Improvements Embargo Road: $1,292,825
  • Police Department Vehicles: $240,000
  • Library Improvements to Existing Building: $885,000
  • New Fire Department Building: $2.5 million
  • Water System Improvements: $1,299,750
  • Sewer Lines Install & Update: $5,965,479
  • Questa Fire Department Water Tender: $350,000
  • Questa Skate Park: $525,000
  • Questa Rodeo Grounds: $115,700
  • Questa Municipal Playground: $112,454
  • Road Improvements Shirley Road: $305,000
  • Water Rights Purchase: $400,000
  • Ambulance Emergency Vehicle: $500,000
  • Administrative Vehicle Purchase for Travel: $50,000
  • Judicial Complex Renovation: $150,000
  • New Water Storage Tank: $650,000
  • Business Park/Economic Development Projects: $4.35 million
  • Fire Pumper Truck and Equipment: $520,000
  • Administration Building Improvements: $1 million
  • Youth Center Parking Lot Improvements: $150,000
  • Sidewalks and Trails in Questa: $1,203,000
  • New Community Center: $5.1 million
  • Road Improvements: $475,000
  • Recreation Facility Improvements: $500,000
  • Regional Trail Project: $1,875,000
  • Animal Control Program: $200,000
  • Veterans Park Improvements: $50,000
  • Municipal Parks Improvements: $150,000
  • Police Department Safety Improvements: $300,000
  • Senior Center Property Improvements: $600,000

The Village also received a total of $193,923 from President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). The Village Council decided on how those funds would be distributed for Fiscal Year 2023 during its Sept. 27 council meeting.

  • Non-Violence Works: $5,000
  • Vida del Norte: $5,000
  • Questa Economic Development Fund (advertising): $9,213
  • Command Vehicle for EMS: $9,710
  • Grade Dirt Roads in Questa: $20,000
  • Engineering/Construction – Shirley Road: $20,000
  • Corral Well Refurbishment/Electric: $30,000
  • Meters and Pressure Reducing Valves ($10,000 carry over from last year): $20,000
  • Security Fence/Gate around Shop Area: $20,000
  • Security Fence/Gate around Well near School: $5,000
  • Sewer Plant Repairs: $50,000
  • Business Park Electricity/Internet: $7,800

Councilor Jason Gonzalez advocated for more public funding for Vida del Norte citing the good work that organization does in a communal effort to fight addiction issues and local crime. Mayor John Ortega agreed. Mayor Ortega also hopes to see electricity and fiber optics wired to the entire Business Park area.
Mayor Ortega and Questa Police Chief Ronald Montez have both reached out to the Governor’s office for more law enforcement funding. Chief Montez is looking into the purchase of three used state police vehicles at $5,000 each. Most of the Village’s police equipment will need to be replaced and the police department policy procedure manual has not been updated since 1997.

“In essence, we’re starting from scratch with this police department,” said Mayor Ortega.

“My ultimate goal is to leave this place better than how I found it,” added Chief Montez.

The Village of Questa’s Project Manager Jake LeFore presented the Council with an update on the current Red River restoration project at the 9/27 council meeting. The restoration is being conducted by a company called River Bend Engineering and they are outfitting the Red River with new rock banks to limit erosion as well as modifications to specifically encourage more fish migrations up and down the river to encourage more recreational fishing. The engineering team obtained permission from most of the private property owners along the river to make alterations to the edge of their properties. Two property owners declined to participate in the project.