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Letters to the Editor: January 2022

Dear Governor of the Great State of New Mexico,

With all my heart, I believe that the date January 6 should not be publicized for any reason other than it is our state’s birthday. As a simple school marm I have given my best effort to this end: educating my students about the art, history, and folklore of our great state. My students and I will celebrate this day with a New Mexico symbol cake decorating, singing our two beautiful state songs, and multiple other activities that will carry on the entire month. My deepest wish and hope is that local news media will give laudable aim on this date, January 6, the story of New Mexico as a State in our United States. Thank you for your kind attention.

Jaynelle Trujillo Questa, NM

Thank you, Jaynelle, for reminding us that January 6 is the birthday of the Great State of New Mexico, USA! It gives us hope that we have teachers like you in our schools; keep up the good work.