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Letters to the Editor: December 2021


Dear Questa Del Rio News, perhaps you can help me put a shout-out to the Questa area to try to make ice skating a viable and supported winter activity out on Eagle Rock Lake. Not sure what it would look like but I am excited to start a conversation with the right people about it.

I live in Lama and was able to tap into that potential at the end of last winter a few times when the ice was free of snow. While skating around, I met a few locals who gave me the thumbs up and one gentleman reminisced about the good old days when ice skating was a thing there, with a little van that would show up on weekends and rent or loan out ice skates.

I figured the Questa News was a good place to start digging. I would welcome any suggestions you or your readers may have.

Be Well, Ivan Locke

Thank you, Ivan, great idea. Our former Questa Economic Development Fund Director, Lindsay Mapes, was an avid ice-skater and had the same idea, so let’s pick up the conversation. I hope you find support through our paper, and please keep us posted!