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Letters to the Editor: June 2023

Dear Editor: I would like to give a big thank you to Village Councilman, Jason Gonzalez for all the work he has done at our village playground. Not only has he taken a lot of personal time to clean, mow and weed the playground, but he has established a Questa Beautification program which will help clean up our public spaces and roads in Questa. Thank you Jason for your commitment to our community and children.

A Grateful citizen
Nancy Parker

A message of thanks from Retiring Editor Lou McCall:
Thank you to QEDF, the newspaper staff, and all the community members who showed up to celebrate my retirement and give me a glorious send off.

Thanks especially to El Monte Carlo for hosting the event on May 3, to Frank Rael for the beautiful cake and to Lynn Skall, Emily Wilde, and Dina Coleman who know how to throw a good party! And thank you to Malaquias Rael, Jr. for his continued support in championing Questa Del Rio News.

I know this has been a long goodbye, this should be it! Thank you for your support.

Lou McCall
Retiring Editor
Questa Del Rio News.

The following comments were posted on our social media in response to our coverage of the Red River biker rally shooting:

Excellent coverage on the Red River shooting. As a former resident of Red River, y’all were on it quickly.

John Fletcher

Thank you for your coverage of the Red River shooting. We are in town and your postings are telling us most of what we need to know.
-Keri Rogers Mize

The reporting has been outstanding.

-Myra Garcia

Thank you Questa del Rio News for your reporting. Stay safe.

Peggy Malero

Thank you Questa del Rio News for your excellent reporting.

Georgia Sanchez

Questa del Rio News, yes thank you for your excellent reporting.

Starr Sutliff

You were the first to have the report out. Thank you!

Maria Mikhailas

You are awesome!!! Thank you for your excellent reporting.

Frank Arellano

Questa del Rio News has made an emphasis on being a newspaper that represents the community, and during the mass shooting in Red River this Memorial Day Weekend, they have proven that beyond a shadow of a doubt, providing up-to-date information and details without drama or sensationalism. The quality and professionalism of the Questa del Rio News staff was a calm focus in the storm this weekend and I for one am grateful they are part of the community.

Davika M. Warren