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Questa del Rio News makes a splash at the New Mexico legislature

Former Questa Public Affairs Advisor for Chevron, Christian Isely took the March issue of the Questa del Rio News to the roundhouse to distribute to local legislators. Below are the subsequent responses and feedback we received about our publication:

Email to Managing Editor Mikayla Ortega about the intent to distribute the paper at the roundhouse:
You did such a wonderful job covering that piece on water rights and the legislature that I am driving up to Questa from Santa Fe on Wednesday morning [March 1] to take 150 copies back to distribute at the Roundhouse to all the legislators and the governor’s office.

Thank you!
Christian Isely

Voicemail Message at Questa Del Rio News:
Hi, this is Kristina Ortez, your State Rep. I wanted to let you know that I passed the [March]paper out, the Questa Del Rio News, on the House floor yesterday and I am getting SO many calls and emails about how this is the best paper they have read in a long time, the House [Majority] Whip, Reena Szczepanski, just said, “This is the best paper I have read in a very, very long time and the House Majority Leader, Gail Chasey, said that the Dylan Thomas article nearly made her cry — and that’s just awesome, I love it. I just wanted to let you guys know that everybody here at the Roundhouse loves your paper. I hope everyone is well, take care, bye bye.

Email from Lynn Skall, Questa Economic Development responding to Kristina Ortez’ Voicemail

Kristina, THANK YOU for taking the time to call today and share the feedback you received from your colleagues at the RoundHouse about our paper!

Your voice message literally brought tears to my eyes, it is incredibly special to hear such appreciation! I have shared your voice message with everyone associated with the paper, it will mean a lot for them to hear these compliments from the leaders of our state!

The Questa Del Rio News is a labor of love, it’s filled with the passion we all have for this community and the people who are our family and friends.

Thank you for sharing our paper at the RoundHouse, for representing us in your work there, and for your partnership in Questa. When things slow down for you, please come up to Questa! I hope our paths cross soon.

Email to Managing Editor Mikayla Ortega about the Questa del Rio News:
Hi Mikayla,
The Questa Newspaper was also disseminated on the Senate Floor a few days ago by Senator Bobby Gonzales. We continue to hear great comments about its professional coverage of Questa and surrounding communities. Great work!

Below are kudos from local leaders in Questa in response to the reaction at the legislature:
Thank you to all. Now more folks know about our big little community.

Malaquias Rael, Chairman
Questa Economic Development Fund Board

I’m so proud of our newspaper team. What an affirmation to all who had the vision to see it blossom. Great job!

Louis Herrera

The kudos goes to all of you on the newspaper team. Thank you so much for all your professional work and personal commitment to our community!

You’re making a tremendous difference for Questa and rural communities throughout New Mexico!
You have so much to be proud of!!

Christian Isely