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June 2024

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LOR Foundation wants to hear your ideas!

In the busy months since Maria Gonzalez was hired as the LOR Foundation’s community officer in Questa, the foundation has been supporting a variety of projects around town. You may have already read about the Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) workshop LOR helped fund, which helped guide sustainable community-driven development among local nonprofits and volunteers. And beyond this workshop, Maria has spent her time listening to locals and trying to connect Questa residents with important resources.

“LOR is here to listen to community members and help fund important community solutions,” Gonzalez says. “But we’re also here to connect people to each other and to additional funding. In any way we can, we want to help.”

Already, community members have brought forward several solutions LOR has been excited to support. For instance, when a local music teacher wanted to connect Questa youth to mariachi, folklorico, and other traditional music and dance, she realized the community would need to hire outside experts. With LOR’s help, the school district brought in performers to lead workshops—giving students an opportunity to learn their traditions and practice their skills.

Another Questa resident knew many people in the community were experiencing food insecurity and didn’t have access to hygiene supplies and other items. With LOR’s help, locals purchased materials to build food pantry boxes, where residents can donate food and supplies and others can take what they might need. By May, those boxes should be built and stocked with nonperishable goods and other necessities. Look for the Boxes around Questa at Living Word Ministries, Perovich park, and The Village offices.

And when a local pastor wanted to create financial literacy courses for families, LOR helped. The first nine-week course begins April 5 at Freedom Center Church. For more information contact Pastor Kristi Gonzales at (575) 770-1714

Each of these projects began with a simple conversation, and with LOR’s help they became realities. If you have an idea for a solution get in touch with Maria Gonzalez: maria@lorfoundation.org, (575) 665-2001.