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June 2024

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Courtesy Photo Commemoration Ceremony

Northern New Mexico Celebrates Veterans Day In Grand Fashion

For the last home volleyball game of the school season, starting on Thursday, November 9, Questa Independent School District waived the entry fee for all veterans, active military, police, EMS, and firefighters.

On Saturday, November 11, at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, the Cerro Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) publicly commemorated their Veterans Day memorial in the Cerro Cemetery.

The significance of the eleventh hour goes back to the armistice, which ended the violence of the first world war on November 11, 1918.

Cerro VFW Commander Corey Mead began the commemoration with Pastor Kristi Gonzales leading the group in prayer and U.S. Marine Corps veteran Ronald Gallegos explaining what Veterans Day means to him and this community. Additionally, a big thanks goes to David Cisneros, who envisioned this memorial and privately funded the site.

During the day, there were two separate meals provided free of charge by the Questa Ladies Auxiliary at the Cerro VFW, and Freedom Center Church.

The Questa del Rio News solicited names from the community to honor and recognize. Our readers and followers contributed the list below.

Veterans Day: Thank you to the heroes who have
served and sacrificed for our great nation

Abe Cardenas
Abel Martinez
Abel Montoya
Adonario Gallegos
Agapito Salazar
Agapito Salazar
Alejandro Rael
Alfie Gonzalez
Alfonso Vigil
Alfred Martinez
Alfredo Garcia
Andres Abelino Blea
Andrew Cardenas
Andrew Cisneros
Andrew J. Cisneros
Anisa Trujillo
Annette Cintas
Antonio Cintas
Antonio Salazar
Arnold Rael
Aron Rael
Arsenio Gallegos
Arsenio Jones
Art Sanchez
August Beckwith
Benerito Santistevan
Benerto Santistevan
Ben Garcia
Benito Vigil
Bernabe Jaramillo
Bernadette Borders
Bob Dorsey
Bolivar Rael
Brenda Duran
Brian Valente
Carlos Roger Herrera
Charles Cisneros
Charlie Gallegos
Clarence Lacome
Claudio Rael
Clodoveo Segura
Clyde Cisneros
Conrad Garcia
Crescencio Chavez
Crisiforo Gallegos
Daniel Chavez
Daniel Gallegos
Daniel L. Martinez
Daniel R. Trujillo
Danny Garcia
David Cisneros
David Leon
Dickie Martinez
Donaciano Archuleta
Donaciano Espinosa
Elias Montoya
Eli Castellano
Eliseo Espinoza
Eliseo Rael
Eliu Herrera
Elivy Jose Segura
Ellis Borders
Eloy Montoya
Emily Wilde
Epifano Aguilar
Epimeno Leon
Estaney Cisneros
Estevan Segura
Eugene Ortega
Ezequiel Rael
Federico Sandoval
Felimon Garcia
Fermin Herrera
Fidel Santistevan
Floyd I. Ortega
Floyd Montoya
Frank Vigil
Fred E. Ortega
Fred Rael
Gabriel J. Herrera
Gary Ortega
Gaspar Vigil
Gene Santistevan
George Ernest
George F. Vigil
George Passino
Georgette Young
George Wisehart
Gerry Culbertson
Gilbert Arellano
Gilbert Gallegos
Gilbert Garcia
Gilbert John Chaves Sr.
Gilbert John Chavez Jr.
Gomersindo Martinez
Gustavo Rael
Harold Buzis
Hector Gonzales
Hernando Jaramillo
Issac Arellano
Jaime Gonzales
Jake Montoya
James Cordova
James Medina
Jason Arellano
Jason Gonzalez
Jason MaGee
Jeremy Torres
Jesse Bailon
Jimmy Maes
Jimmy Martinez
Jimmy Ortega
Jimmy Rivera
Jimmy Salazar
Joe Damian Ortega
Joe Felimon Montoya
Joel Martinez
Joe Martinez
Joe Montoya
John B. Rael
John Buzis
John G. Trujillo
John Johnny Torres
Johnny Gallegos
Johnny Gonzalez
Jonathan Cisneros
Jonathan N. Cisneros
Jose Abedon Lopez
Jose Antonio Mondragon
Jose Horacio Segura
Jose Ignacio Sanchez
Jose Lucas Sanchez
Jose Martinez
Jose Perfecto Garcia
Joseph Cintas
Joseph G. Cisneros
Joseph Gallegos
Jose R. Rael
Jose Salazar
Jose Segura
Juan Sanchez
Julian Cisneros
Julian Procopio Segura
Kelly Montoya
Kenny Gallegos
Korey Mead
Larry Sanchez
Lawrence Bustos
Lawrence Gallegos
Lawrence Jaramillo
Leann Trujillo
Lelo Chavez
Les Martinez
Lino Garcia
Lita DD Mead
Lolita Ortega
Louis E. Herrera
Louis Ortiz
Maria Ortega
Mario Sanchez
Medardo Aguilar
Melecio Rael
Michael G. Pacheco
Michael Gaillour
Milton Cisneros
Modesto Cisneros
Moises Sanchez
Nabor H. Martinez
Nathan Gallegos
Nicanor Archuleta
Nick Ortega
Norman Sanchez
Patricio Martinez
Paul Buzis
Paul Garcia
Paul Gonzales
Paul Quintana
Paul Visarraga Jr.
Paul Visarraga Sr.
Pedro Montoya
Perfecto Baca
Pete Gonzales
Philip Pacheco
Phillip M. Trujillo
Rachel Rael
Raymond Martinez
Raynaldo Allen Cordova
Rebecca Lucero
Rev. Fidel Montoya Sr.
Richard Rael Jr.
Richard Rael Sr.
Richard Trujillo
Rich Martinez
Rick Tunnell
Robert Garcia
Robert Garcia Jr.
Roberto Medina
Roberto Sierra
Robert Segura
Rodney Rael
Roger Blanco
Roger Ortega
Roger R. Archuleta
Ronald Chavez
Ron Gallegos
Rudy Cisneros
Salomon Quintana
Samuel Moises Gonzales Jr.
Samuel Moises Gonzales Sr.
Shelly R. Pacheco
Sierra Jose
Steven Herrera
Steven Segura
Tanyalynn Salazar Badger
Ted Buzis
Ted Cisneros
Thomas Selph
Thomas Tharnish
Tom Chavez
Tony Vigil
Valdemar DeHerrera
Valoy Gallegos
Vences Arellano
Vergilio Trujillo
Victor Salazar
Virgil Gomez Jr.
Virgil Gomez Sr.
Vito Rael
Willie Cardenas