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November 2023


By Contributing Writer SIERRA O
It was Halloween, the night everyone was waiting for. My friend and I were going trick or treating when we saw this girl soaking wet down by the river. We offered to give her a ride and she got in the back of the truck with us. We took her where she wanted to go and dropped her off at her house. We then went on with our night but discovered her jacket in the back seat of the truck. Since we knew where she lived, we decided to take it to her house. I got out of the truck with her coat and knocked on the door. A man opened the door, and I explained what happened. He said that was impossible. I was a little confused at that point, so he explained that his daughter had passed away a few months ago. He said she fell in the Rio Grande and froze to death. I was shocked because she had died right where we picked her up. How could she have left her jacket in my truck? Did I pick up a ghost?