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November 2021

Questa  •  Red River  •  Cerro  •  Costilla  •  Amalia  •  Lama  •  San Cristobal

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Last month on page 3, What are you Grateful for? The names were out of order. They should have been listed on the order of Tim Long, Gretchen Schum, Marta Glover, and Jakob Rosing. In addition, Fabbie Rael, manager of Artesanos de Questa thrift store, did not have her story included. Here is what she is grateful for: “I have a reason for being here. Thirty years this place has been here. I see people from all over, every year I enjoy visiting them like a family. They come to look for me and bring things and food. I am grateful for the company this provides and I enjoy it.
On the front page of the August issue, we incorrectly identified the photographer for our cover photo. Photo credit should have gone to Barry Norris Studio for the image of Joan Norris’s painting.

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