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June 2024

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Six of us gathered to meditate for a week. Our focus was the direct experience of our essential inner essence. But the first experience we had was hugs made possible by being together in one room, not Zoom, with masks off and as close as we wanted to be with one another. We could have quiet, empathic conversations where everyone could hear without anyone speaking loudly, no words misunderstood due to being muffled by a mask. Our first direct experience of presence was shared presence. It was delightful, delicious, joyous, and heartfelt.

Hugs were the perfect threshold into a week of deep meditation, not only because a hug is an embrace of genuineness, but because our meditative experiences kept embracing genuineness to the world. A clear luminous love, as if the heart of pure being was hugging all plants, animals, people, and the Earth herself kept rippling out from us.
Friends, know that your presence ripples into the world, too. Loving-kindness, generosity, and authenticity radiate from your essential being or whatever you prefer to call your inner wholeness and compassion. It ripples into your neighborhood, permeates your home, and the people there, and encourages loving-kindness in others. “Let your light so shine,” said a great Teacher. Yes, indeed!

July 3 is Plastic-Bag-Free Day. We all know what to do. Bring the bags you need to the store as you pick up the last-minute items for 4th of July weekend. Remember: plastic is forever; and to Mother Earth that means no bueno.
July 12 is Simplicity Day. So, “What does simplicity mean to you?” This is a significant question. With a disabled body, simplicity becomes a way of life. Much that brings complexity to life must be let go over the years. One person’s simplicity is not necessarily another’s. There’s a quality behind the word simplicity that seems to be what people yearn for when, in frustration or overwhelm, they cry out for simplicity. It is peace of mind. We long for less spikes and valleys in our emotions, less drama, less chatter in our mind, less concern, less worry. One key that fosters simplicity is acknowledging that “This becomes that.” Pause a moment various times through the day and say to yourself, “If I put this in motion (through thoughts, words, or actions) there will be predictable results.” Likewise, “If I don’t complete something, it will need to be attended to.” Catching the various ways we make complexity for ourselves and those around us is, in the end, liberating because we have identified the self-fulfilling prophecy of our actions or inactions, our words, and choices. May we all have great insights!

July 23 is Gorgeous Grandma Day. Make it a special day for her! And the heat is on! Please be mindful of your health and of the tinder-dry environment. Have a safe and happy July, everyone.

Special Days
in July
July 5 National Workaholics Day
July 7 National Father Daughter
Take a Walk Day
July 11 National Cheer Up The Lonely Day
July 15 National Give Something
Away Day
July 18 National Ice Cream Day
– Third Sunday in July
July 25 National Parent’s Day
– Fourth Sunday in July
July 28 Buffalo Soldiers Day

July is:
National Hemp Month
World Watercolor Month
National Anti-Boredom Month
National Cell Phone Courtesy Month
National Culinary Arts Month
National Grilling Month
National Hot Dog Month
National Ice Cream Month
Independent Retailer Month
National Picnic Month
National Peach Month


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    Donna Mitchell-Moniak, meditator and teacher of meditation, delights in the solitude and views of mountains and sky which Jaroso, CO provides. All beings are the focus of meditation, equanimity, joy, and the awakened liberation for all is her daily prayer and practice. Donna is a mother two, gardener, and uses the disability of her body as her Sacred Path. Check out her blog!

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