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February 2024

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Donna Mitchell Moniak

Donna Mitchell-Moniak, meditator and teacher of meditation, delights in the solitude and views of mountains and sky which Jaroso, CO provides. All beings are the focus of meditation, equanimity, joy, and the awakened liberation for all is her daily prayer and practice. Donna is a mother two, gardener, and uses the disability of her body as her Sacred Path. Check out her blog!
Health & Wellness

Positive Thoughts: September 2021

QUESTA DEL RIO NEWS would like to thank Donna Mitchell-Moniak, for her tireless service to our newspaper community. This September edition of POSITIVE THOUGHTS will

Senior Living

September 2021: Vanette Harris

“I love this area!” says Vanette. She and her husband, David, have been coming here since the late 1990s. A time-share in Red River and

Health & Wellness

Positive Thoughts: August 2021

Many cultural changes have happened in the US and the world during my 65 years of life. As my birthday came around in July, inspired

Volunteer of the Month

August 2021: Cynthia Najim

By Donna Mitchell-Moniak “You gain a family,” Cynthia Najim said as we talked. With that, I realized that this is one aspect of volunteering that

Health & Wellness

Positive Thoughts: July 2021

Six of us gathered to meditate for a week. Our focus was the direct experience of our essential inner essence. But the first experience we

Positive Thoughts

Positive Thoughts: June 2021

June is LGBTQIA pride month (see page 17 to decode the acronym!). Life has given me many opportunities to ponder the seeming differences in people

Health & Wellness

Positive Thoughts: May 2021

Spring is springing, birds are nourishing their young with insects and song, the smell of green is in the air, and the sound of bees