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QPL to Host Senior Technology Classes

The Questa Library has added a new volunteer who will be teaching an exciting and frequently requested program in November. Welcome, Monica McClelland! In her own words:

Hi, I am Monica McClelland, a delighted new resident of Questa. I will be teaching Senior Technology classes at the Questa Library Wednesdays in November (2022). I have an online business as a Functional Gut Health Coach, helping people overcome digestive problems and anxiety. I’ve built my online business entirely on my own, becoming proficient in website building, email communication, digital marketing, social media, and more. I noticed a need for assisting seniors with technology while helping family members and neighbors learn basic cell phone and laptop skills. I realize how frustrating it can be for people who are not familiar with technology and feel I could be the right person to help. I will be teaching an iPhone class to start, but we are open to hearing suggestions about community needs for future classes. I will be offering private technology tutoring if needed. I look forward to serving my community and hope to create a friendly, stress-free learning environment!

Please see the library’s ad in this issue of the Questa Del Rio News and call the library at (575) 586-2023 to sign up for Senior Technology.