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May 2024

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Courtesy Photo Huberto Maestas, a renowned sculptor who makes his home in San Luis, Colo., designed the bronze statues that are now part of the Stations of the Cross Shrine

Stories on Film — San Luis Valley “A Story To Tell”Documentary Collection Part 5: Spanish/Mexican Family Oral History

A 24-minute documentary of the communities in San Luis, Capulin, Conejos and San Antonio during holy week. Narrated by Father Pat Valdez, and Sister Rene Weeks.

Participants will have the opportunity to learn of the history, contributions, and rituals of the Penitente Brotherhood. The documentary includes exclusive interviews by Hermano Mayor Max Taylor, Hermano Charlie Maestas and other participating community members. In the town of San Luis, the community joined arms together with the help of Fr. Pat Valdez and Huberto Maestas, a renowned sculptor, who designed the bronze statues that are now part of the Stations of the Cross Shrine.

“This documentary was well done and very inspiring. My birth family is from Antonito but I was adopted in Alamosa by a loving Catholic family 62 years ago. Although I’ve lived in Rocky Ford, Los Angeles, and Denver, my spirit is always drawn to El Valle. Your film touched my soul, warmed my heart, and lifted my spirit. Gracias.”

— Larry Apodaca, Voice Over Talent/Singer and Songwriter

San Luis Valley is the location of the oldest Catholic Parish Catholic Church in Colorado. In this documentary, you will see and experience the history, culture and faith of the people of the San Luis Valley. The picturesque San Luis Valley is located in the heart of Southern Colorado. Its residents are descendants of the Spanish conquistadors whose families have lived here for hundreds of years. Our community’s rich cultural traditions have been passed on from generation to generation.

The tradition of the Encuentro as it is celebrated in San Antonio and Capulin comes from the Penitente Brotherhood — dating back at least two hundred years. The tradition’s roots come from a biblical portrayal of the meeting of Jesus and Mary on their way to Calvary on Good Friday. To this day the Encuentro is still celebrated in Capulin and San Antonio. Total Running Time: 24:23.Film Trailer: http://downtoearthmedia.org

What people say about this film:

“Stations of the Cross in San Luis are so beautiful and with so much detail…this is a touching and intimate portrait of a particular community’s religious beliefs and the ways in which their spirituality is expressed in their daily lives. Nicely done.”

— Maria Cisneros, City and County of Denver

Rick Vigil is from Antonito, Colo., proprietor and film producer of Down To Earth Media, LLC. In the past 20 years he has produced a collection of documentaries on the culture, tradition, and spirituality of the Spanish speaking communities within the counties of Conejos and Costilla in the San Luis Valley.