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Taos County Arts and Culture Industry Generates Over $70 Million in 2022

According to a press release from the Arts & Economic Prosperity 6 (AEP6) economic impact study, $15.9 million in spending by non-profit arts and culture organizations and $54.8 million in event-related spending, supporting 958 jobs and generating $11.3 million in local, state, and federal government revenue — contributed to commerce throughout Taos County.

These statistics may be under-reported, since only 73 percent (63 out of 86) of total arts and culture non-profits in Taos County participated in the study.

The AEP6 study is conducted by the Americans for the Arts non-profit organization, dedicated to promoting art and culture throughout the nation by “inspiring and enriching communities and schools.” The organization has existed for over 60 years; in 2010 they celebrated their 50th anniversary.

Funding for the local study was provided by the LOR Foundation, the Millicent Rogers Museum, and the Taos Arts Council, with the Taos Community Foundation providing technical support.

“This local data collected in Taos County puts numbers on what we know — the arts and culture sector is a key driver for the Taos County economy as well as one of our cornerstones for quality of life,” said Executive Director Greta Brunschwyler of the Millicent Rogers Museum. “For every dollar invested in local arts and culture non-profits, Taos County got an economic impact return of four dollars in audience spending on food and drink, lodging, and shopping with local businesses. That’s big.”

The average Taos County arts event attendee spends $30.50 per person per event, not including the cost of admission. Non-locals represent 67 percent of visitors, spending an average of $96.60 per person per event.

Across the nation, arts and culture is a $151.7 billion industry, supporting 2.6 million jobs and generating $29.1 billion in government revenue.