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The Many Meanings Of Memorial Day

Memorial Day takes on a different meaning for everyone.

For the 18-year-old man who just left for basic training, it means the family will be watching the headlines intently over the next several months as they await to hear which area of the world their loved one may be stationed.

To a family whose loved one is deployed somewhere overseas, it means keeping your phone with you at all times, should you ever need to take a call from the government telling you that your beloved is not okay.

To a veteran who has served, it means waking up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night from terrors of wartime trauma.

To one who has lost their beloved to the conflict of war, it means clutching onto their last memories at home as you grieve their loss, hundreds of miles away.

To the one who returned alive, it means serving in your local VFW for veteran-sponsored activities, showing up for parades, donning your side cap and membership shirt as you continue to proudly salute Old Glory.

To the one who returned broken, it means finding ways to cope with your pain and find normalcy, stumbling to find your bearings with limited support.

To most, it means a three-day weekend filled with bonfires, cookouts, motorcycles, camping, fishing, family gatherings, and the unofficial start to the summer.

As you plan and celebrate your upcoming Memorial Day holiday, remember to think of veterans and thank them. So many of them gave and sacrificed in ways it’s often impossible to explain, so we can have this wonderful summertime three-day holiday.

Happy Memorial Day!