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February 2024

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The Path to Restoration: A Podcast


Daniel Herrera here, saying a warm hello. Hello!!! You all are some of my dear friends and familia. I am humbled, proud, and excited to celebrate something that has just emerged: Todd Wynward and Daniel Herrera are being interviewed by Zach Martinez in a podcast series called The Path to Restoration, and the first episode, “Becoming a Person of Place,” just became available. We had a really good time doing it—you might have a good time listening to it!
You might want to check out the first episode at taostilt.org/path-to-restoration.

In it, we pursue the questions: under what conditions might a settler dare to call a place “home?” What must we change in our lifeways to begin to restore right relation and become more authentic people of place? This is the humbling and commonwealth work that many of us must do, as we examine our cultural legacy of colonization and settlement.

We engaged in a discussion about how the podcast’s themes are emerging in our lives, in a Zoom forum on Monday, June 7. It was NOT a time to debate ideas or judge other people; but a time to explore the invitational steps YOU are taking in YOUR life to bring about healing and restoring right relationship.

You might want to consider joining The Path to Restoration podcast and Zoom community that we are creating together this summer. We’re doing something different: There are five Zoom response forums, one held every other week, providing space for listener response to the podcasts we release the previous week. We’ll be doing this for 10 weeks, so we hope you join the virtual campfire all summer as we grow a place-based movement together!

Here’s the three-step pattern we’ll be following as we move together through the weeks:

1) Listen to the podcast with a heart hungry and open for life change.
2) Reflect: How are you being invited to live deeper into the podcast’s themes?
3) Join us in the live Zoom response forum the following Monday.

Please email us to let us know you’re interested at dansautohondo@gmail.com or toddwynward@gmail.com.
If you’d like to sign up to stay in the loop about the next podcasts and Zoom meetings, register at taostilt.square.site