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June 2022

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Todd Wynward

Todd Wynward

Repurposing Plastic Project Update

For Repurposing Plastic to stay alive and thrive during these winter months, we need more help, more funds, and more professional builders who will buy our modular plastic wall units.

Sustainable Living

Bringing Modular Walls to Market in 2022

A New Breakthrough for the Repurposing Plastic Project: Good news from the Repurposing Plastic Project (RPP): we think we’ve found a way to scale up repurposed plastic collection and production!

Update from Repurposing Plastic Project

Hello, volunteers! The Repurpos- ing Plastic Project team bales plastic in Questa at RPP headquarters most Friday mornings 10 am – noon. Come see our baling process, get a mini-tour,

The Path to Restoration: A Podcast

By DANIEL HERRERA and TODD WYNWARD Daniel Herrera here, saying a warm hello. Hello!!! You all are some of my dear friends and familia. I am humbled, proud, and excited